基本的にはよく似てますね。 (WEBSTER辞書より) ①Learner's definition of JUST(道徳的に正しいとか公正) a : agreeing with what is considered morally right or good : fair 例文:a just society a just cause for war a just decision ②Learner's definition of RIGHT(JUSTと意味は同じだが、名詞の前には用いられない) usually not used before a noun : morally or socially correct or acceptable 例文:Stealing is not right. You can't treat me like this! It's not right! You were right to tell the teacher about the girl who you saw cheating. ③just now : a moment ago(たった今しがた) I saw him just now. I was just this minute thinking about calling you. 2 : at this moment(たった今) They are just now heading out the door. just on British, informal ④right now 1 : in the next moment : immediately(直ちに) Please clean up this mess right now. 2 : at the present time(たった今) He is out of the office right now.